Resilient Seamless Health... Why wait?


What is Resilient Seamless Health?

“ abundance of energy during your waking hours, and deep, untroubled sleep at night. It means the complete absence of all disease, including minor colds and headaches. It means teeth like concrete blocks, and never seeing the inside of a hospital except to visit sick friends.  It means nerves like a wooden Indian, and the digestion of a sword swallower.  It means, in short, a very desirable state of being. You can acquire this type of health if you plan for it, eat for it, and train for it.”, John McCallum -The Complete Keys to Progress

Through customized bodywork and/or acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatments I can help your body solve problems of structure and internal balance that makes resilient, seamless health so elusive. Then get you on a path of strength and fortitude.

If this sounds worthwhile, take a more in-depth look at my services and see what I can do for you.

"Spend time on his table. You will walk out moving differently, with greater ease and a greater sense of connection to yourself as a whole being and the world beneath your feet as ground." Leona Rehm, Mountlake Terrace


Zen Bodytherapy

is Zentherapy®? According to the website, it is a synthesis of methods and techniques from Eastern and Western cultures.  Learn more here.




Ok, I know what you’re thinking.  Oh no, another talk about that “chi/ki” energy stuff.  Nope, not going there.  Let’s approach it from something we can both relate to.  I primarily use a dynamic form of acupuncture  as well  Japanese herbal medicine referred to as Kampo; together these accelerate a wide range of health benefits including the treatment of allergies, digestive issues, PMS, and muscle pain. Learn More!





 Can’t get the lid off the peanut butter jar? Spending too much time in front of the computer or sitting behind the wheel commuting from work? This seamless style of health therapy always translates into posture – movement – strength work because our lives are operate from posture and with movement...always!  Learn how posture and movement can cripple or heal!