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Hi, my name is David Engstrom, and I am a licensed acupucturist, massage therapist and nationally certified personal trainer/corrective exercise specialist. I wanted to write to you personally today to let you know about how my practice can help you.

I think the first thing you should know about it is that the purpose of everything I do is to help you discover what natural health is and to help you achieve it.

Unfortunately, the model of natural health is completely foreign to our ideas in conventional Western medicine. What pharmaceutical medicine does is merely treat the symptoms.

I learned this first-hand due to a sports injury I had sustained as high school athlete. After seeing two physicians with recommendations of rest and walking with crutches, I learned about the amazing effects of natural medicine, specifically acupuncture.

What is imporant to know is that pharmaceuticals don’t treat causes.

Consider this: your biggest health problems could have been solved with much less effort when they had begun as only small lingering problems. Instead, like putting a Band-Aid over a major cut, things got worse over time.

That’s why getting to the root of the problem with bodywork, corrective/restorative movement, and acupuncture is so critical-it begins to reverse the cause-and-effect process that lead to the big problem in the first place.

That’s why if you want to do more than just reduce the symptoms, you’ll need these three natural therapies in your plan for overall health, not just modern pharmaceuticals.

Now here’s where I’d like to ask you: “If you could wave your magic wand, and have any health benefits, what would you choose?”

Our work together begins with an initial session. This is a 90-minute appointment where you tell me about what’s ailing you, your concerns, and your needs. I learn about your past and present state of health, and your wellness goals. We examine your pulses, your abdomen, and your tongue, palpate your acupuncture channels and points, and assess your physical structure and movement. From this information I design a therapy program that helps you meet your goals. 

What if I told you that whatever you are thinking about is most likely well within your reach? That’s because our work together will change everything about you-starting from your nervous system and radiating outward into full-body health.

It’s truly as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Personal Assessment-I will work to understand your past and present state of health, family health history, and your health and wellness goals.

  2. East Asian Medical Diagnosis-I will examine your pulses, your abdomen, and your tongue, as well as palpate your acupuncture channels and points in order to discover your individual pattern. I will also evaluate your physical structure, posture, and movement.

  3. Prescribed Therapy-In our work together, I will also record your progress visually with before and after photos at each session, even videos to analyze your striade, balance, and posture.

You will definitely see AND feel the results after each session-ad you will know that your natural health is coming into focus.

You will feel better day by day as your pain, extra weight, lack of motivatin, and many other bothersome discomforts simply melt away until they are only a distant memory.

I work exclusively with people, one on one, who are ready and committed to making their health and well-being their top priority. I put all my energy into helping my clients achieve the highest levels of health imaginable.


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What Is Zen Bodytherapy?

Zen Bodytherapy® is a form of structural integration that releases the natural form of the body from the aberrations caused by physical, chemical, psychological and spiritual traumas. It promotes the alignment and balance of your body as well as improved efficiency of function and energy. This work is the synthesis of Rolfing (structure), Feldenkrais (movement), and the vital energy of Zen. 

The benefits of Zen Bodytherapy include the resolution of pain; improved physical symmetry, posture, and appearance; and freedom from mental and emotional stress. Zen Bodytherapy is delivered in a 10-session series of 60-90 minutes each that addresses the entire body. Once the series is completed, the body can continue the processing for 6–12 months. The series can be repeated in full as often as you desire; or a particular session or sessions can be repeated. 


What Is Physio-Synthesis Therapy?

Physio-Synthesis is a restorative-corrective movement therapy founded on five principles which optimally align the body; proper weight bearing, narrowing, lengthening, broadening, and head centering. The therapy typically begins with a simple set of foot movement with you lying or sitting on the floor. This is your first step as you begin realigning your body from the ground up. No straps, weights, or other implements are used, only the body itself.

Physio-Synthesis targets, strengthens, lengthens, and balances your weakest muscles to bring about effective lasting change in your body’s alignment. Your larger musclegroups that are holding excess tension and robbing you of energy-can at last-release. This creates the best conditions for a complete physical transformation that no other corrective movement system that I have encountered in my 30 plus years of practice and research can accomplish. This is why I am so excited to be able to offer you sessions in the unparalleled method.


What Is Acupuncture Therapy?

Acupuncture/East Asian Medicine dates back more than two thousand years. The “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” laid down the foundation of health and disease and the concept of “longevity” and “agelessness”. Accourding to the classic ancient health text-your lifestyle is the number one factor you can take responsibility for to offset the effects of aging and disease.

Ancient Wisdom For A Modern World

East Asian Medicine meets the needs of modern life. It is as relevant today as it was in anciet times. It offeres you the benefits of acupuncture, herbal (Kanpo) and dietary therapy, bodywork (Tui Na, Seitai, Sotai), cupping, moxibustion-heat therapy, therapeutic exercise, and energy cultivation methods to balance your mind and body.

Your acupuncture treatment may include one or more modalities depending on the issue being addressed. The benefits include:

  • Slow the process of premature aging

  • Reduce the adverse affects of stress on the nervous system

  • Improve digestion and regulate elimination

  • Promote deeper sleep and restfulness

  • Enhance the immune system

  • Moderate menopausal systems

  • Reduce inflammation and swelling


David is one of the most talented healers I have had the pleasure of experiencing. His tool box of skills and modalities is huge, which allows him to provide highly individualized therapy to his clients. David is also extremely intuitive, and can easily recognize the emotional language of the body that can lead to disease as well as healing.
— Marie Manucherhri, R.N., Author of “Intuitive Self-Healing”