About My Work

I provide a unique hybrid of treatment that is personalized for each client.

Each client represents a unique set of challenges and opportunities, as well as a different path toward optimal health and well being. Combining several body therapy modalities as well as those from structural integration/myofascial release, restorative-corrective movement, and Japanese style acupuncture, I achieve desired results at multiple levels.

True healing is not a “quick fix.” While the results can be unbelievable, there is nothing magical about the therapies. Sometimes changes can happen immediately, sometimes over a period of time. Each body has its own pace to change. Often the body has been going in one direction and then suddenly there's an issue. Restoration is the result of assisting the body to heal and reorganize to the best of its ability and potential. 

Seeking to get to the root cause of ailments, not simply alleviate symptoms, my work focuses on designing a series of treatments, rather than one-off solutions.

Our work together begins with an initial session. This is a 90-minute appointment where you tell me about what’s ailing you, your concerns, and your needs. I learn about your past and present state of health, and your wellness goals. We examine your pulses, your abdomen, and your tongue, palpate your acupuncture channels and points, and assess your physical structure and movement. From this information I design a therapy program that helps you meet your goals. 

As we continue your therapy, I record progress visually with before and after photos at each session, and videos analyzing stride, balance, and posture. You will definitely see, as well as feel, results at the end of each session together.


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What Is Zen Bodytherapy?

Zen Bodytherapy® is a form of structural integration that releases the natural form of the body from the aberrations caused by physical, chemical, psychological and spiritual traumas. It promotes the alignment and balance of your body as well as improved efficiency of function and energy. This work is the synthesis of Rolfing (structure), Feldenkrais (movement), and the vital energy of Zen. 

The benefits of Zen Bodytherapy include the resolution of pain; improved physical symmetry, posture, and appearance; and freedom from mental and emotional stress. Zen Bodytherapy is delivered in a 10-session series unlinked page of 90 minutes each that addresses the entire body. Once the series is completed, the body can continue the processing for 6–12 months. The series can be repeated in full as often as you desire; or a particular session or sessions can be repeated. 


What Is Physio-Synthesis Therapy

Physio-Synthesis is a restorative-corrective movement therapy founded on the principle that body alignment begins with the feet. The therapy typically begins with a simple set of foot movements with the body on the floor in the supine or seated position. No straps, weights, or other implements are used, only the body itself.

Physio-Synthesis therapy strengthens the weakest muscles to bring about a change in the body’s alignment and allowing other muscles that are holding excess tension to release. The result is a body in muscular balance — and a natural improvement to the body’s overall look. 


What Is Acupuncture Therapy?

Acupuncture therapy incorporates a hands-on Japanese, or channel based, style with a special focus on the Ishizaka style. Often referred to as “massage with a needle,” this style focuses on the treatment of needling the back with in and out insertions and never leaving a needle in place.

My acupuncture services may also incorporate moxibustion, Chinese Tui Na (bodywork), Seitai and Sotai bodywork, cupping, gua sha (dermal friction), and Kampo (Chinese herbal therapy), depending on the issue being addressed. 

Acupuncture helps lay the groundwork for deeply rooted health. Treatments can be beneficial to body function in many ways. Besides addressing everyday aches and pains, it can:

  • Aid in the recovery from injury and trauma
  • Improve digestion
  • Regulate elimination
  • Promote deeper sleep and restfulness
  • Enhance the immune system
  • Moderate menopausal systems
  • Reduce the adverse affects of stress on the nervous system

David is one of the most talented healers I have had the pleasure of experiencing. His tool box of skills and modalities is huge, which allows him to provide highly individualized therapy to his clients. David is also extremely intuitive, and can easily recognize the emotional language of the body that can lead to disease as well as healing.
— Marie Manucherhri, R.N., Author of “Intuitive Self-Healing”