Initial Visit ( 90 minutes)

We need time for you to tell me what’s ailing you, your concerns, and your needs. I will ask a lot of questions regarding your past and present state of health. I will feel your pulses and abdomen, palpate along the acupuncture channels, and assess your physical structure and movement. You and I may choose a single modality approach or combination of approaches depending what best fits your current situation.

Zen Bodytherapy Complete Program (10 Sessions, 90 minutes each)

"Give me 20 minutes, and I’ll give you a simple, natural plan to address the root cause of your body pain. Call to schedule your free-complimentary consultation now! So why wait?"

If you want to breathe easier, stand taller, and move with greater ease from head to toe, this is it! One to two sessions per week to achieve the best results possible. Please be prepared to commit to booking all 10 sessions completed within 13 weeks.

Body Therapy (Standard - 50 minutes/Extended - 80 minutes)

This session is for follow up visits and consists of one or a combination of methods to fit your needs. It may include bodywork, trigger point work, acupuncture, Physio-Synthesis, and/or movement/posture. Fee is based on services rendered and is not billable to healthcare plans.