I’m often asked what’s on my bookshelf, where I get my tea, where the best Japanese food can be found in Seattle. Check back from time to time as I update this page!

Self Help/Lifestyle Bookshelf

Books by Pete Egoscue such as “Pain Free” and “Pain Free for Women” are worthy “go to” books to be kept on your self-help shelf. Egoscue’s “non-medical” pain relief system is one of my personal favorites. I was certified in his method a decade ago, and I still often use it in my practice.

“Move Without Pain”, by Martha Peterson. This book is an excellent introduction to Hanna Somatics. Concise descriptions and color photos. You can find Martha’s video clips on YouTube. Hanna Somatics is a gentle method of increasing awareness and movement. I find it to be an indispensable component of my daily practice.

"Give me 20 minutes, and I’ll give you a simple, natural plan to address the root cause of your body pain. Call to schedule your free-complimentary consultation now! So why wait?"

“Food Rules”, by Michael Pollan. The rules are quite simple, just read this small book. It’s a fun read, and I’ve kept a copy on my shelf.

“The Acupressure Warm Up,” by Marc Coseo

Supplies and Tools

Where can one find tools for strengthening one’s body? Wrist, hand, or elbow pain? You can always visit your local sporting goods store-I can’t say I’ve been able to find what I need locally most of the time. My go-to is Ironmind. It’s a fantastic resource for getting strong! Although mostly geared for the strength athlete, their selection of gripping tools and healthy hand packages is outstanding.


The Cruel Tutelage of Ido Portal is informative and entertaining. Ido is passionate, inspiring, and “colorful” about movement. Please be aware of tender ears in the room when you watch this as some of the language can be a bit “salty”!

Tea and Food

For a great place to taste and purchase tea, the New Century Tea Gallery in Seattle’s Chinatown/International district is tops.

Looking for sushi and other Japanese food favorites? Look no further; Maneki is it! Call ahead and get a reservation as it is difficult to walk in and get a table.

For online tea resources, I recommend 0-cha.com for Japanese tea and accessories, and Yunnan Sourcing for that special green or pu’erh tea.

All Things Japan

I’m often asked about travel and living in Japan. It’s been years since I’ve lived there but I do make it back from time to time.

Read not only about Japan but all over Asia in general. Topics covered from culture, food, art, to spirituality. www.kyotojournal.org.

Planning to satisfy your curiosity to visit the ancient capital and the Kansai region (Shiga, Kyoto, Osaka, Hyogo, Nara, and Wakayama prefectures). Check out www.insidekyoto.com.