More of What Clients Are Saying About My Work & Practice

David has been my acupuncturist for 10+ years and has quite frankly been the catalyst for my health and growth in many ways. I came to him after a huge health issue and also a loss of a family member. He not only helped heal me physically but mentally as well. Then I was so grateful to have had two children, and all the while I saw David for my health. He helped me through the toughest chapters, and now I’m doing many of the things I’ve dreamed to doing—traveling, playing music and able to devote time and energy to my family and career. He’s a transformational healer and a very positive force in all ways. Don’t hesitate to book him, he’s also one of the most hilarious people and he makes the experience fun and positive!
— Jyoti Shukla
The first time I walked into David’s office I had been in terrible shape for over a year. Walking more than a few feet was impossible. I had constant burning and tingling sensations in my arms and legs, and limited movement in my right shoulder. I was using a wheelchair. I had seen many doctors and practitioners. In less than a month working with David, the wheelchair was discarded. In six months, my mobility greatly improved and the tingling and burning abated. In a little over a year, my shoulder is almost normal, and I can walk longer distances in comfort.
— Ellen Hanson, retired teacher and librarian, Seattle
I started seeing David because my doctor had told me I needed back surgery and either hip or knee replacement. I wanted a solution that was less invasive, yet still effective. I didn’t expect David would be so instrumental in my path to self-discovery. I didn’t expect to become more grounded, more self-aware, or more in touch with my emotions and body. I had hoped only for pain relief, and what I got was a way to eliminate the cause of the pain. I encourage anyone who is seeking a holistic approach to health to spend time on David’s table.
— Leona, Mountlake Terrace, WA
David is one of the most talented healers I have had the pleasure of experiencing. His tool box of skills and modalities is huge, which allows him to provide highly individualized therapy to his clients. David is also extremely intuitive, and can easily recognize the emotional language of the body that can lead to disease as well as healing
— Marie Manucherhri, R.N., Author of “Intuitive Self-Healing”
David’s bodywork is no-nonsense, deep and lasting. I feel changed each time I get off his table, and the change isn’t temporary. David has deep integrity and is passionate about his craft that he has been honing for many years. He has deep knowledge about the body and how to heal it. The powerful energy and focus he brings to bear in his bodywork comes from many years of martial arts training. Be prepared to breathe and work with David and his hands as they mold your frame into a new more pliable and resilient structure. This is bodywork with the gloves off. The real thing that brings results.
— Stephen Brown Acupuncture, Moxibustion & Shiatsu practitioner and instructor Bainbridge Island, WA
I went to see David after struggling with hip and back pain for months. Having seen several physical therapists to no avail, I was looking for an ‘out of the box’ approach to my pain. David was able to assess my dysfunctions and introduce me to a number of modalities – from acupuncture to Zen Bodytherapy – aimed at alleviating my issues. In addition, David carefully explained to me the goals of the treatments, helping me understand how each piece worked together to address my muscular imbalances. I found the somatic movement work to be especially helpful – after utilizing a series of somatic movements over the course of a few weeks, I found that my pain became much more manageable and I was able to return to my previous activities. I’d highly recommend David to anyone who wants to better understand the ‘why’ behind their pain, and take steps to become pain free.

— Kevin Hareza
After 40 years of martial arts practice, there have been inevitable injuries, When injuries happen, or old ones try and show up, I go to David. David never approaches you with a cookie cutter approach, he has used acupuncture, bodywork and somatic movement methods on me with great success each and every time, not one exception. I have to trusted David for fifteen years and trusted my family to his care as well.
— Kris Wilder, Head Instructor, West Seattle Karate & best selling author