Restoring Bodies Wrecked by Living

How Would You Like To Have Radiant Natural Health?

For most, radiant health seems far-fetched. That’s because rampant treatment with conventional medications and one therapy fits all has only left them feeling worse off than they were before.

How about you? Do you…

Have low energy that has sapped all the motivation you have, leaving little hope of achieving your dreams for yourself and your family? 

Feel like you are aging faster than everyone around you? 

Feel like you’ve lost the ability to fully enjoy your free time due to excess stress and discomfort from your body?

Feel like your energy is “plugged up? and your body just doesn’t work like it used to?

Feel defeated when you tried to lose weight and found your efforts were completely futile?

Rarely feel like you’ve had a full restful night’s sleep?

Become frustrated with medical professionals who seem like they are just guessing at what could be wrong with nothing of real value to offer?

If it has been a while since you’ve felt like you’re at “100%” health, you’re not along. I have helped many people just like you achieve truly radiant health. Believe me. There really is a better way, and my clients are just discovering it.

What’s the answer? Body Therapy in combination with Acupuncture that offers remarkable advantages.


Having the kind of natural energy that allows you to be completely unstoppable and get everything you want done.

Freedom from aches and pains where every movement of your body is smooth and pain-free. What if you felt young for your age?

The momentum of the “Domino Effect” of cascading health benefits that affect your overall ability to enjoy life naturally and feel better, day by day.

It is possible. If you have found this web site and you want any of these things, then my missi is to prove to you that you can have it.

When you combine bodywork, corrective/restorative movement, and acupuncture together, it can have miraculous results on your overall health.


What Clients Are Saying

David’s bodywork is no-nonsense, deep and lasting. I feel changed each time I get off his table, and the change isn’t temporary. David has deep integrity and is passionate about his craft that he has been honing for many years. He has deep knowledge about the body and how to heal it. The powerful energy and focus he brings to bear in his bodywork comes from many years of martial arts training. Be prepared to breathe and work with David and his hands as they mold your frame into a new more pliable and resilient structure. This is bodywork with the gloves off. The real thing that brings results.
— Stephen Brown Acupuncture, Moxibustion & Shiatsu practitioner and instructor Bainbridge Island, WA

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