Does body therapy hurt?

Some patients may experience periods of discomfort while we do this work, typically it is far less pain than what many people live with on a day-to-day basis.

How often and for how long should you expect to see me? 

Each client brings different goals and issues. In the 90 minute initial session we come up with an individualized plan for treatment that works for you. 

Typically pain and inflammation respond more quickly to treatment than do internal/organ problems. The rate of improvement depends on your body, its response to treatment, the severity and duration of the condition, and the existence of other problems. My aim is to eliminate or to reduce the frequency, severity, and duration of the problem. With bodywork, a week in between sessions is ideal; for injuries, it may be that initial treatments are done closer together at the beginning, with longer spaces in between treatments after significant improvement is seen. For more chronic/stubborn problems, we may be looking at a potentially longer time frame, including maintenance care to keep things in check.  You will have a good idea at the start of our work together what the process will likely entail.

How does Body Therapy & Acupuncture work with Western Medicine?

When you combine the strengths of conventional medicine with holistic treatments you may achieve better outcomes.  Twenty years ago as a faculty member at a local acupuncture school and supervising in a community clinic, I actually heard a family practice physician complain that they were envious of acupuncturists, because we had more time to spend with our patients than they did! Time allows a practitioner to create better treatment options for optimal results.